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 Our Vision

We will not stop until we achieve a society where all people with a disability enjoy equality and fairness


To empower people with a disability to take control of their own lives and to actively seek out opportunities to achieve their full potential as individuals in their community.

How LADSS can Assist You with

your Individual Supports

Individual Supports


LADSS will help you achieve your goals with Daily Living and Social and Community Participation.
The Goals you have set in your plans is what you have chosen to work in with your short, medium and long term goals.
These goals give you choice and control and help build your Independence whilst we will assist you on this part of your journey.
This is funded under the NDIS as:
CORE: Assistance with Daily Living
CORE: Assistance with Social and Community Participation
Capacity Building: Increased Social and Community Participation
Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living

Support Living 

You may want to think about having your own home or shared living where you live with people you know, friends, a family or cousin who may have the same vision and interests.
If you have discussed this with your family and is part of your long term goals then we can assist you with:

Personal Care - Daily Living

Assisting with Medication

Assisting with Laundry or cleaning 

Assisting you with shopping and Social and Community Participation

SIL Funding is for those who need 24/7 while living in a shared home where we can provide the supports and assisting you to live independently.

CORE Supports: Assistance with Daily Living

Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living Skills

NDIS does not cover your household expenses, food, rent or amenities. The funding by the NDIS is purely for your supports that enables you to live independently.

In home and Supported Holidays

We will assist you in your home, a rental property or shared accommodation. 

Living Actively will work alongside you and assist you in your daily living  whilst respecting your dignity and privacy.

We assist you to build your Independent living and social and community participation.

CORE Support: Assist with Daily Living

Improved Daily Living: Improved Daily Living Skills

If you feel you want to have a holiday or a break we can provide the supports that you may need and help plan that getaway with you, 

Supported Holidays can be funded in your NDIS plan.

Your holiday is not funded or any activities you may wish to do but what it does cover is your supports so that you can experience new places on the holiday you choose to go.

Core: Assistance with Social and Community Participation.

Capacity Building: Increased Social and Community Participation


Plan Management

The NDIS offers a variety of options of how you can manage your plan to give you CHOICE and CONTROL with the providers you choose and how the supports are delivered. 

They will claim directly from you plan to pay providers direct.

Track your funds and

take care of your financial reporting.

Lawn Maintenance

Daily living can be difficult at the best of times especially maintaining your gardens and lawns. 

You may get funding through your NDIS Plan however they made ask if this is "Reasonable or Necessary".

However they may support you with-

your lawns      Cleaning your yard or

trimming your edges and hedges,

CORE Supports - Assist with Daily Living


Sometimes Disabilities is not visible

South Burnett Futsal welcomes anyone to their weekly games and training at 10m Kent Street Kingaroy. 

Contact Cathy or Tracy on

0437 093 694


United Housing is set to become the leader provider in Safe, Secure and innovative housing for all Australians living with a disability.

Contact UHA to discuss your options.


Disability is the Inability to see          ABILITY

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